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Me, Myself & I kit includes:


  • Yoni Care: Yoni Oil, Yoni Spray, Yoni Mask, Yoni Pearls, Detox Tea, & Yoni
  • Wipes Intimacy Boosters: Climax Gel, Wetness Pills
  • Complimentary EBook: The Self Care Journal by Makeda Holt


Additional Benefits on our Climax Gel:

  • Easy application: Convenient gel formula for hassle-free use, allowing for quick application and absorption.
  • Enhanced intimacy: Climax gel fosters deeper connections and intimacy between partners, enhancing the overall experience.
  • Natural ingredients: Formulated with natural ingredients to ensure safety and efficacy.


All for just $49.99!

Me, Myself & I Bundle

Excluding Sales Tax
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